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Somewhere in Shropshire. This is an exclusive venue and anglers will be informed of the exact location at the time of booking.

About five acres.

Depth approx.13ft. Smooth, silty bottom, plenty of bloodworm beds, overhanging trees, lily pads, snags, reedbeds and deep margins.

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Around 200 carp, vast majority of 20s with a sprinkling of 30s.

£680 per week up to four anglers. Non-fishing guests allowed by arrangement.

Birch Grove is a stunning, beautiful water and offers anglers the chance to fish one of the most famous waters in the UK on an exclusive basis. Its peaceful surroundings, comfortable swims, and good facilities attract anglers from all over the UK who want to sample a piece of carping history.

Birch Grove is approximately five acres in size and features a smooth, silty bottom, bloodworm beds, overhanging trees, lily pads, reedbeds, and deep margins. The water is around 13ft deep with deep margins sprinkled with lily beds and overhanging trees. The pool houses four comfortable pegs, comprising of the Caravan Swim, the Compound (often used as a double swim to ensure the lake is fished as efficiently as possible) the Helipad and the Main boards. Birch can be fished by a maximum of four people at any one time. In addition there is a small stalking swim, known as Tags Swim at the far end of the lake.

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